Ten Commanments

The Ten Commandments of Obedience Training

Praise Your Dog - when they perform an exercisr correctly.  This is what your dog is working for - your praise

Correct  Your Dog Firmly - when they fail to perform an exercise properly - if you are sure they understand what is expected of them

Think Like a Dog - Put yourself in your dogs paws, and train them accordingly.  Don't punish your dog for performing an exercise incorrectly when it is likely that they don't understand what you want.

Have Patience - If you lose your temper you'll do more harm than good, put your leash away till tomorrow.

Do Your Homework - Your instructors can show you how to train your dog - but the important part is up to YOU

Get Your Dogs Attention - while working with them.  Talk to them or use the leash to keep them attentive.  Use tidbits or other training aids if necessary

Don't call Your Dog To You and Then Punish Them!  They will think they are being punished for coming.

Consistency is the Name of the Game - Your dog will not learn right from wrong if you allow them to do something one day and then punish them the next day for doing the same thing.  (Jumping on the couch for example)

Be Your Dogs Master - Don't ask your dog to do something - tell them.  A dog will happily obey a master they respect.  Moreover, dogs equate respect with love.  The firmer you are with your dog the more they will love you.  (Firm not Cruel)

Practice Every Day - rain or shine.  Success in dog training is 90% practice.