Max Davies

To our darling and beloved pet:

You have brought as so much laughter and joy during your short life.

I will never forget all the things that you did. You protect us all. Being naughty and chewing up the furniture dragging it around the lounge when you where young. Nicking the corned beef and steak off the bench, stealing biscuits out of the barrel and then looking "it wasn't me I didn't do it". The only problem was we always caught you, you gave yourself away with that tail wagging and squirming around, as well as the barrel being in the lounge when it should have been in the laundry. Playing with kids on the tramp, the kids finally gave it up and you had it all to yourself. Stealing all their toys so that you would have some - so we gave you a toy box of you very own. Accepting people and animals for what they where. Letting me bring home other dogs, and sharing me with them without being too jealous. You loved unconditional. Teaching you to swim on our many trips away.

You even had your own bedroom with a double bed that you where not too fond of sharing with the human animals that came to stay .The trips away all over the country because we couldn't bear to be parted from you. The pulling up of plants as I planted them, pruning the flowers because they tickled your nose as you walked past. Digging of holes so you could find wetas and put your bones in them. The whole box of beef that you tried to bury around the yard.

I will miss you doing all the things above, I only think you did those things for love, and to keep us on our toes.

I will miss you waking me in the morning and playing tag to see who would get up to get the biscuits for you all. Dragging the bedding off to make sure that we got up. Standing at the door so that you had to be taken out in the Ute. Giving us the look that "it's dinnertime come on hurry up". Coming over to my chair and demanding a bum scratch. Sitting on me. Sneaking you into motels because you didn't want to be by yourself. Coming camping with us and having your own sleeping bag. Or better still sleeping on top of us because that felt better.  Sleeping on our bed in winter when it was cold. When we gave you a bath it had to be at the right temperature you would test it with your paw. Shaking the water all over the place when you got out.  Doing anything for me that I asked of you.

I hope that you had fun swimming and running in the long grass on the farm. Meeting the horses and trying to eat them. You have touched many hearts along the way and the people that have met you will miss you. My friend told me that you where too beautiful and that God wanted you back, well please wait for me. We will all miss you so much.  You are a beautiful dog and will always be in my heart. Even if at the moment it is torn in half I know that it will mend. And we will meet again.

Mum Dad  Melissa and Jasmine.